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Lawn Mowers

best lawn mower 2016There are many different types and sub types of lawn mowers, ranging from Z-turn mowers, to general riding mowers, to walk behind mowers, and even push mowers. Each mower type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but that is with everything. What is important is that you are well informed about these advantages and disadvantages before you decide on the one you need. In the following section, I’m going to explain my reasoning.

Push Mowers- Push mowers are a great, old fashioned choice. However, keep in mind that push mowers can be very tiring to operate. With advances in mowing technology, even push mowers have improved a bit, but they still lack the raw power that a gas or electric lawn mower can produce.

Push mowers are best suited for mowing sparse or thin grass in dry weather. Naturally, this is the easiest grass to cut through for any mower. A benefit to owning and using a push mower is that they are very quiet, and can be used at night without disturbing other people, neighbors, dogs, and the like.

The downside is that they can really give you a tough workout, especially if you try to tackle thick, tough grass with them. If you’re into torturing your friends, then have them try to cut tall, thick grass with a push mower- it’s good for a laugh.

Walk Behind Mowers- Walk behind mowers are perhaps the most common type of mower especially for private or residential use, and they can be either gas or electric powered. Gas powered mowers have traditionally had the most power and ability to cut through grass, however electric mowers are catching up rapidly with their gas powered counterparts.

Electric mowers do not require gas and usually run on a Lithium Ion battery or two, depending on the model. Older models may use Nickel/Cadmium hybrid batteries which I do not personally recommend using as they are now outdated and do not hold a charge nearly as long as the new Lithium based batteries. The downside to owning a battery powered mower is that it may lack the power you need to get through those tough cutting jobs. Also, batteries can run out quickly and will require a lot of recharging. This is only a problem if you have a very large area to mow as you won’t want to stop and recharge a battery every thirty minutes.